2019 South America Assembly Presentations

The 8th edition of the South America Assembly brought together the largest pool of international energy investors, local players and government representatives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colombia. 2019 participants heard off-record industry news, honest opinions and opportunities from a cross-section of upstream, midstream, power and renewables sectors. It truly was a meeting of the entire energy value chain. Deals were made and the future of the Southern Cone Energy Industry was debated.

Browse the presentations from our 2019 expert speakers.

South America Assembly: Southern Edition

Carlos Alberto Maria Casares, Secretary of Energy, Subsecretario de Hidrocarburos y Combustibles Argentina

Hydrocarbon development in Argentina beyond 2020.

Ariana Spinelli, Director of Hydrocarbons, Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Minería de la República Oriental del Uruguay

Uruguay oil and gas opportunities in South America.

Guido Mangieri, Director Digital Transformation & IIoT – Latin America Emerson

Digital transformation and IOT in Latin America oil and gas sector.

Jimena Blanco, Research Director – Head of Americas Verisk Maplecorft

Hernan Carbonell, Account Manager Halliburton

The evolution of non conventional oil and gas in South America.

Adrian Stofella, Responsable Transacciones Económicas , CAMMESA

Alternative renewable energy in South Amercia.

Daniel Ridelener, Chief Executive Officer, Transpotadora de Gas del Norte (TGN)

Manuel Aguirre, Chief Executive Officer, Aleph Midstream

South America Assembly: Northern Edition

Nicolás Mejía Mejia, Vicepresidente de Promoción y Asignación de Àreas (e) ANH

The revival of the Colombian oil industry in 2019.

Oswaldo Madrid, Managing Director, Probus Advisors

Ecuador gas markets in 2019.

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