2020 European Gas Conference Presentations

The European Gas Conference (EGC) is the most important, geopolitical discussion in the midstream gas calendar. With Europe’s main supplier, Gazprom and hosts OMV officially supporting the gathering, EGC is the perfect opportunity to be with the most senior gas decision-makers in the European market. 

Browse the presentations from our 2020 expert speakers.

LNG Day Presentations

Andrew Walker, Cheniere

Global LNG Trade Overview into 2020.

Joseph Young, AG&P

The rise of small-scale LNG in expanding access to natural gas.

Mark Gyetvay, Novatek

NOVATEK Post-FID Status: Arctic LNG 2 and the Next Steps.

European Gas Conference Day 1 & 2

Tim Gould, IEA

Exploring the Role of Gas in a Low-Carbon Future.

Uwe Fip, Uniper

Outlook on European gas demand and potential impact of a phasing out of coal.

Michael Losch, Federal Ministry Republic Of Austria

Key energy and climate targets in Austria.

Mariarosa Baroni, NGV italia

Role of CNG, LNG, BIOMETHANE, H2 HYTANE in Europe's future mobility.

Elena Burmistrova, Gazprom

Gazprom view on the future of sas on the European market.

Johann Raunig, McKinsey

Outlook for gas – Perspective in an evolving global gas market.

Anatoly Golomolzin, SPIMEX

Natural Gas Market Developments in the Russian Federation (2020-2021).

Oleg E. Aksyutin, Gazprom

Role of natural gas in low-carbon development in supporting Green Deal.

Miroslav Bodnar, EUstream

Climate Change and the European Challenge.

Eric Rasmussen, EBRD

The hydrogen economy and the role of the EBRD in supportng it.

Christos Papadopoulos, Energy Exemplar

Aligning gas with the New “Green Deal”.

Michael Woltran, OMV

Gas forming part of the solution for making the EU's energy economy sustainable.

Nicolas Peugniez, GRTgaz

Technologies to put gas at the forefront of Energy Transition.

Andrey A. Konoplyanik, Gazprom Export

Russia-EU collaboration in regard to decarbonisation and The Green Deal.

Mark Beacom, Black Sea Oil & Gas

The case for Romanian Black Sea Gas supply.

Dr. Charles Ellinas, e-CNHC

Developing gas supplies to Europe East Med and the role of Cyprus.

Danila Bochkarev, EastWest Institute

Ukraine’s gas transit route in 2020: impact of the Russian-Ukrainian gas compromise.

Matt Drinkwater, Argus Media

Natural gas market pricing and trends into 2020.

Dr Katja Yafimava, OIES Natural Gas Research Programme

Outlining the Visions for Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream for European Gas beyond 2020.

Prem Ramachandran, Energy Exemplar

The Green Deal – tangible impact of decarbonisation on gas and investment horizon as an asset class.

Wolfgang Peters, The Gas Value Chain Company GmbH, Germany

Gas trading with global over-supply and reduced demand beyond 2020.

David Tonge, IBS Research

Turkish energy demand and gas supply dynamics into 2020.

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