Without a hydrogen economy, it will be impossible to achieve the Paris Agreement targets

8 October 2020 | 15:00 BST

Hydrogen has burst back onto the scene in the last few months, with energy experts, investors, politicians and key stakeholders discussing the potential of green hydrogen to achieve the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement. Whilst some hail hydrogen as the missing link in the energy transition, others argue that it is still too expensive and the risk profile is too high for investors. With the European Commission pledging to devote a sizeable chunk of its €750 billion recovery fund to support clean hydrogen gas and with Germany earmarking €7 billion as part of its National Hydrogen Strategy, we ask whether Green Hydrogen is the silver bullet that the energy transition has been waiting for.

Watch our industry leading speakers as they discuss and debate:

  • To what extent should investment into wind and solar be prioritised?
  • Should the focus be on more established technologies with higher returns to get us to 2030 rather than banking on the future potential hydrogen?
  • How to generate hydrogen to make it price competitive? How do we reach competitive hydrogen quickly?
  • Should hydrogen only be used as a last resort in sectors that cannot be decarbonised using other, more efficient technologies and therefore should not be a priority?
  • Do we need an interim phase with blue hydrogen using CCUS to establish and scale-up the infrastructure before moving to large-scale green hydrogen?

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