M&A in the new world: the future of M&A is doomed

5 November 2020 | 11:00 BST

As travel came to a halt earlier this year, M&A professionals found themselves in a bizarre situation struggling to build those relationships that are vital to securing successful deals. Further, the pandemic caused a sudden halt in funding which in turn lead to a stagnant M&A market. Whilst people are beginning to travel again and dotted lines are being signed, it is uncertain whether M&A in the clean energy space will ever be the same again. How will M&A professionals deal with the double threat of a d of F2F interaction alongside a changing energy and investment landscape…is M&A doomed?

Watch our industry leading speakers as they discuss and debate:

  • What is the long-standing effect of Covid-19 travel bans on M&A and how has this has effected project choices?
  • How will M&A professionals navigate a new energy mix?
  • Will the growing importance of ESG principles and benchmarks hinder M&A in energy?
  • How far will prioritise change as big IOCs are moving into renewables? How will this effect potential M&A opportunities for smaller players?


Emilio Zito, Head of M&A at EDF UK & Deputy Global Head of M&A at EDF Group