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Welcome to Europe’s leading natural gas network, promoting dialogue between the region and its main suppliers.

The 2024 European Gas conference (EGC) will be covering a wide range of topics from Hydrogen & the Energy Transition, to LNG and Energy Security.

Here is a little more information about what you can expect from EGC 2024.

  • Exploring the regulatory and technological advances required to promote emissions reduction, renewables and low-carbon solutions.
  • Bridging the investment gap and investigating the challenges surrounding long-term offtake agreements and the backlog of pending FID.
  • Developing fit-for-purpose infrastructure and networks across the value chain to meet Europe’s decarbonisation targets


LNG imports have become critical in the wake of Russian gas supplies dropping, but fears over gas shortages, price volatility and a drop in demand continue to run rule over the market. With regional differences in contracting activity and offtake agreements and a push towards decarbonisation, there has never been more of a need to strengthen existing relationships, form new partnerships and better understand how the market is expected to change in the wake of new regulations and new infrastructure coming online in the next 12-months and beyond.

Key topics will include


How are international LNG markets impacting natural gas in Europe?


Project finance, pricing, and contracting activity


The path towards decarbonising LNG

If you are interested in the future of LNG, LNG imports, and how the demand in Europe varies from the rest of the world, then the European Gas Conference 2024 is for you.


European energy security appears caught between short-term necessity and long-term decarbonisation and affordability targets. In addition, increased gas prices are not only affect consumers, but also energy intensive industries, which Europe continues to rely on.

With 2030 climate ambitions lurking, understanding how best to balance (and finance) cleaner alternatives is imperative, as is greater regional cooperation and interoperability and an acceptance that natural gas has a pivotal role to play in the foreseeable future.

Key topics will include


Addressing supply, demand, and market resilience


Taking the pulse of the European market
and fostering new relationships


Interoperability and strengthening cross-border collaboration

Join us at the European Gas Conference in 2024, if you are interested in the energy trilemma (sustainability, security and reliability), or the geopolitical impact of FID, supply, demand and price.


With an industry-wide push towards decarbonisation and low-carbon solutions within the energy-mix, this day will bring to light economic, regulatory and infrastructure hurdles, alongside specific technologies and solutions to critical challenges such as emissions reduction, low-carbon and renewable alternatives to gas.

Key topics will include


A macroeconomic perspective of
the Energy Transition


Net-zero strategies and establishing a circular economy


Emissions reduction, low-carbon solutions, alternatives and challengersds

If you are interested in regional policies and solutions for the move towards net-zero, circular economies and the energy transition, as well as exploring hydrogen, CCS/CCUS, emissions reduction and natural gas alternatives, then get your tickets for the European Gas Conference today.
“Very insightful event! It was great to hear the views from different stakeholders given the high volatility and profound change the industry is facing. ” Ronald Pinto, Research Engineer, EDF    
“A very useful platform to get updated on the latest energy developments in the European energy market and meet industry leaders to exchange views “ Gulmira Rzayeva, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, OIES
“Definitely an organization I want to attend every year. I always get answers to my questions about meeting new faces and what is the latest situation in Hydrogen and Natural Gas. Alper Uçar, General Secretary at Natural Gas Importers Association, GAZİD
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