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April 2024

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March 2024

Which trend to you think will shape the energy industry most significantly in 2024?

February 2024

Will Biden's Pause on US LNG Export Approvals Affect Long-Term Supply and Compromise the U.S.'s Status as the Largest LNG Exporter on the Global Stage?

January 2024

Will the Upcoming US Elections Have a Positive Impact on the Global Oil & Gas Markets?

December 2023

Which region will see the most investment into upstream assets in 2024?

November 2023

Over the Next 12 Months, Investment in Upstream Oil & Gas is Likely to…

October 2023

Do you think that the Voluntary Carbon Markets are fit for purpose?

September 2023

In your opinion will financing gas projects in the next five years be either?

August 2023

Will Innovative Financial Instruments Such As Emissions-Linked Bonds or Green Funds Become Crucial For Facilitating Large-Scale Emissions Projects?

July 2023

When Considering the Energy Trilemma, Which Element Do You Think is Most Important?

June 2023

Is Gas the Solution to Net Zero?

May 2023

How important is emissions forecasting and planning to your business decisions?

April 2023

Will your long term strategy be built around oil or gas assets?

March 2023

Where will you be prioritising CAPEX in 2023/24?

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