NOC Assembly




24 – 25 September 2018
Hilton Amsterdam

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What is the NOC Assembly?

Last year we created a special forum for our NOC clients and customers to meet and discuss the unique and historic challenges they are facing right now.

How will NOCs survive, adapt, and thrive in a post-peak demand O&G world? What models are they adopting to meet the requirements of a low carbon future? How is their relationship with IOCs, third-party capital and investment, and the world, changing?

Conference themes:

  • From National Oil Company to National Energy Company – the diversification of the NOC
  • From National Champion to International Champion – the internationalisation of the NOC
  • From State-funded to third-party stakeholders – new sources of finance for the NOC
  • The NOC/IOC relationship in the new energy age
  • Technology and R&D – The digitisation of the NOC

The O&G Council has worked with NOCs on every continent for nearly a decade. In 2017 the Oil and Gas Council attracted over 300 attendees from different NOCs, SOEs and Government Ministries.