Constantine Blyuz

Constantine Blyuz

Deputy Director, Natural Gas Authority Israel

Born 1974, MBA in Business Management and BA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since 2010 serves as the Deputy Director of the Israeli Natural Gas Authority. As a part of his current position, Mr. Blyuz is responsible for Economic and Strategic issues as well as tariffs and other regulation activities of the developing natural gas industry of Israel.

In addition, Mr. Blyuz is an energy courses lecturer in several Israeli colleges such as the Netanya Academic College and the Magid College at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He is also involved in various volunteering and business activities, including promotion of chamber music ensembles, economics & history teaching in peripheral schools, co-managing of the social involvement NGO “Family Shield” and co-foundation and serving as an acting CEO of the start-up ViewEat.com.