Laurent Lafont

Laurent Lafont

SVP Corporate Development, Americas

Laurent has been part of the Group since its inception. He has been involved in business/corporate development, marketing/communication within the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors (including renewables) for 10 years. He participated in the area of investor relations for some of our Partners within the Oil and Gas Council, strategically positioning companies to new potential sources of investment.
As Deputy Managing Director Africa, Laurent is as well a liaison between the council’s network of African NOCs and governments and our wider universe of Partners and Members, contributing to expand our network and activities on the continent.

Laurent started his career as an Associate in the mortgage banking sector; that still nowadays nourishes a passion for real estate outside the Oil & Gas Council. Among various areas of interest, from music to cultural history, Laurent also spares no efforts to forge himself a connoisseur of Burgundy wines. He has an MSc in International Business and Management with distinction from the Aix Marseille Université, and a MA/BA in History and Geography.