Li Zhaoxia

Li Zhaoxia

Professor Director of Project Evaluation, Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute, Sinopec

Educational background:

September 1980~July 1984, Student in Daqing Petroleum Institute, majoring in Production Engineering.

September 2003~June 2009, Doctor in China University of Geo-science Beijing(on-the -job).


Major work experiences:

July 1984~March 1989, worked in NO.2 & NO.3 Production plant of Dagang Oilfield, CNPC. being assistant production engineer, in charging of new production techniques field application.

April 1989~January 2001, worked in Petroleum Engineering Techniques Research Institute of Henan Oilfield, being production engineer and senior production engineer, working in new oilfield production engineering planning.

February 2001~April 2004, worked in exploitation division of PEPRIS (petroleum exploration & production research institute, Sinopec), being program leader, doing Sinopec oil & gas development long term planning.

May 2004~April 2010, working in Overseas Research Center of PEPRIS, being exploitation team leader, in charging of overseas oilfield reservoir engineering evaluation.

May 2010~March 2013, excutive director of the Overseas Project Evaluation of PEPRIS.

April 2013~December 2015, professor director of the Overseas Project Evaluation of PEPRIS.

January 2016~currently, Senior expert of PEPRIS.

In charging of more than 300 overseas oilfield assets evaluation and contributing a lot for Sinopec overseas assets acquisition.