Richard McMahon

Richard McMahon

Senior Vice President, Energy Supply & Finance & Chief ESG Officer, Edison Electric Institute

Richard McMahon is Senior Vice President, Energy Supply & Finance, and Chief ESG Officer for the Edison Electric Institute. In this capacity, Mr. McMahon leads industry activities on energy supply including natural gas, renewable energy and energy storage. He also leads the industry’s Wall Street activities including the EEI ESG Template Initiative, the tax reform issue, accounting, governance and energy derivatives.

In this role he has testified before the United States Congress as well as federal and state regulatory agencies and commissions. He has written extensively on electric generation, power markets, ESG and industry finance topics. He is a guest lecturer at Georgetown University on these topics.

Prior to this, Mr. McMahon held a variety of management positions at EEI, including directing EEI’s state-level legislative and regulatory advocacy program. Mr. McMahon was the founder of the EnviroTech Venture Capital Fund, capitalized at $52 million. Prior to joining EEI, Mr.
McMahon worked in management positions at the National Association of Securities Dealers in the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Mr. McMahon holds a M.B.A. degree in Finance from the George Washington University in 1987 and a B.A. degree from Duquesne University in 1983. He completed the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program in Leadership in 2007. He also completed the Center for Creative Leadership Program in 2013.