Serigne	Mansour Gaye

Serigne Mansour Gaye

President, Senegal-UK Chamber of Commerce/UK Senegal Business Council

Serigne Mansour Gaye is a financial and investment professional and a social/tech entrepreneur. He has also spent many years working for several companies such as Bloomberg, KKR, AXA and Mintel performing various roles in Market Analysis, Corporate Governance and Investment Strategy.

He is an Experienced Government Relations, Trade Facilitation with an in-depth knowledge of frontier markets and Sub-Saharan Africa; providing advice to multinational companies looking to do business in Africa.

Currently, Mr. Serigne Mansour Gaye serves as the President of the UK Senegal Business Council /Senegal UK Chamber of Commerce, a trade organization representing UK and Senegal private sector. Mr Gaye is member of the International Chamber of Commerce (WTO) for Africa Digital Trade, member of the Sustainable Trade Action Group of the World Trade Board/World Trade Symposium, a member of Young African Leaders Initiative Network. He holds a MBA from NYU and Buffalo University.