Stephen Mason

Stephen Mason

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Reconciliation Energy Transition

Stephen Mason is a distinguished figure in the energy industry, boasting over four decades of exemplary leadership both domestically and internationally. Notably, he played a pivotal role in launching and expanding seven energy companies, propelling Artumas Group Inc. to an astonishing enterprise value of $1 billion. His groundbreaking work in the East Africa oil and gas sector marked a significant milestone in the industry.

Currently serving as CEO and Chairman of Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc. (RETI), Stephen leads the charge in energy transition projects with substantial Indigenous equity ownership. His efforts intertwine Indigenous economic participation and project oversight with Canada’s energy transition and decarbonization goals.

At Project Reconciliation, where he holds the role of CEO and Senior Managing Director, Stephen drives an Indigenous-focused initiative aimed at establishing inclusive intergenerational wealth through majority Indigenous ownership in major infrastructure and energy transition projects, including the facilitation of up to 100% Indigenous ownership of Trans Mountain Corporation.

Stephen's contributions extend beyond project conceptualization. His adeptness in capital funding, which has resulted in raising over US$700 million globally, underscores his strategic prowess. Internationally recognized for his achievements, Stephen has been honoured with awards for environmental CSR, sustainable development, and power generation excellence.

Apart from his leadership at RETI and Project Reconciliation, Stephen has held significant roles in prestigious energy companies like Kainji International Ltd., Westleaf Inc., Talio Energy Ltd., and Tonare Energy, LLC. His commitment to Indigenous economic empowerment has earned him accolades, including the Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta). Stephen's visionary insights and strategic outlook continue to steer the energy industry towards a sustainable and inclusive future, characterized by reconciliation and mutual growth.