HELLENiQ UPSTREAM SINGLE MEMBER S.A. (HELLENiQ UPSTREAM) is a 100% affiliate of HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A. (former HELLENIC PETROLEUM) and it was founded in 2015. The main purpose of the company is the development and the implementation of projects relating to all phases of the industry of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. The personnel of the company consists of specialized scientists with international experience in the oil and gas industry.

The main objective of HELLENiQ UPSTREAM, as a member of the HELLENiQ ENERGY Group, is the exploration of hydrocarbons in the concession areas and their future exploitation in favor of the country and local communities with the outmost to the environment and the local commercial or social activities. Both exploration and exploitation activities of hydrocarbons are governed by a strict institutional framework to minimize the environmental footprint of operations.

4A, Gravias Street
GR-151 25 Maroussi
Tel: 0030 210 63 02 000