V&A Legal

For the last 3 decades, the members of V&A have played an important role in the definition of environmental law practice in Mexico and in other Latin-American countries.
The Firm is known for its talent, experience, ability, knowledge and above all, the commitment of its members to the matters entrusted to them.
The Firm’s philosophy is based on its legal excellence and the innovation of its recommendations and strategies, on the effective defense of its client’s interests before courts, but most importantly, on the continuous identification of opportunities and challenges that its clients must face to successfully fulfill their goals, business plans or governmental programs, always pursuing the achievement of environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable and economically profitable projects.
V&A offers comprehensive advice and specialized, timely and high quality legal defense, combining material proximity with knowledge and experience on the subject, providing a clear added value to its clients’ interests, in addition to providing cost efficient services prioritizing personal and immediate attention when and where its advice is required.

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