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Why Should you Pay Attention to LeTID?

Expert Insight

LeTID stands for “Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation”. The name is definitely awkward. But it’s worth getting familiar with because it significantly affects the performance of your solar modules and your solar power plant.

Adam Law

Executive Interview

At ERCE, we are the independent energy experts. Founded on decades of experience, ERCE is entirely employee owned and financed.

Jonathan Stern

Executive Interview

“Will Nord Stream 2 be up and running at full capacity by the end of 2019? It is time to find out in January””

Equinor Insight

Executive Interview

“We need a transformation towards a carbon neutral economy, and this will require the development of more renewables as well as a transformation within fossil energyard of Appeal”

Alexander Medvedev

Executive Interview

“In Gazprom’s view natural gas can and must play a key role in Europe’s shift to a low-carbon economy. Gazprom has presented its vision of how natural gas can contribute to European climate neutrality by 2050”

Bifacial is the Future

Expert Insight

The real game-changing innovation in utility-scale PV is bifacial. Bifacial (literally: two faces) modules, which generate energy from both the front and back side of the module, can deliver up to 44% more lifetime value