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Investor Insights Ep14

With Shaia Hosseinzadeh, Managing Partner, Onyxpoint Global Management


Investor Insights Ep13

With Robert Bose, Principal & Managing Member, Charlestown Capital


Investor Insights Ep12

With Henry Hager, Managing Director, Waterous Energy Fund


Investor Insights Ep11

With Justin Brady, Director, Commercial & LNG, Chesapeake


Investor Insights Ep10

With Nile Garritson, Associate Portfolio Manager, CalSTRS


New York Energy Capital Assembly 2023: A Fireside Chat

With Michael Rubio, Director of Sustainability, Chevron


Canada Energy Capital Assembly: Lifetime Achievement Recipient 2023

Patrick Carlson, CEO and Director, Kiwetinohk Energy Corportion 

Canada Energy Capital Assembly Women's Executive of the Year 2023

Geeta Sankappanavar, Founder and CEO, Akira Impact


Investor Insights Ep9

With Megan Hays, Managing Director, Kimmeridge Energy


Investor Insights Ep8

With Emily Rodgers, managing Director ESG, EIG Global Energy Partners


Investor Insights Ep7

With Brian Gilvary, Chairman, INEOS

Investor Insights Ep6

Andrew Baxter, Director – Energy Transition, Environmental Defense Fund