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The Energy Council is not a broker, nor does it invest directly as a group.
However, our members represent some of the world’s most active energy investors. Because of the international make-up and impartiality of our network, we attract huge pools of capital looking for deal flow opportunities with asset owners in the energy space.

Commercially aligned connections are made year-round powered by our world leading Council Connect meeting service, our access to proprietary data and a personal concierge service free of success fees.

How it Works

The leading platform for investors in energy. Our matchmaking platform offers you commercially aligned networking with other investors and asset owners. Discover relevant leads all in one place, without costly cap introductions, and unsolicited deal-flow information.

Step 1

Apply to Join

Tell us about yourself. Our investor coverage team reviews and individually considers each request to ensure we maximise your experience.

Step 2

You're Driving

A simple 10-minute investor preferences questionnaire form allows us to compile publicly available information about your mandate. We can then begin to connect you with your top matches.

Step 3

Unlock Matched Opportunities

Our Council Connect service uses our proprietary data to automatically identify you to individuals all over the world. You can select and send meeting requests that set you up for success.

Step 4


Once a connection has been made, your concierge will connect you via one of our many platforms. This can be in person or virtually.

Please let us know more about yourself and your investment criteria so that we can help match you with the most relevant projects

* MIFID II. We have been contacted by many Sell-Side firms with concerns about hosting Investor Day services.
If you represent a corporate broker looking at MIFID II in Europe, or wish to raise funds and/or engage with investors, our energy shows have a track-record of success, please contact one of the following regional heads:

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Ben West

Ben West

Managing Director, Americas