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Become an Energy Council Member

The Energy Council is building the largest membership dedicated to bringing energy executives together with investors, accelerators and financers throughout the world.  Our network allows our members to share unique deal flow opportunities, whilst leveraging introductions and connections through our iCouncil platform and global events.

We focus on the business dynamics of energy; the pioneers, start-ups, partnerships, business models, strategies, financings, transactions, joint ventures, opex and capex that will determine the future of energy in the lives of billions of people around the world.

How do our members benefit?

There are three Strategic Platforms – AssembliesVIP Receptions and the iCouncil platform are the avenues through which the Council delivers our Membership benefits. These formats help to facilitate new investment, encourage business development, showcase excellence and promote thought leadership across the wider industry.

Our Legacy

The energy transition shows no signs of standing stand still, and nor do we.  Today, our sister organisation the Oil and Gas Council is already the world’s largest network for senior oil and gas executives worldwide.  The Energy Council membership partly reflects the shift of that network to embrace the low carbon future – both traditional investors and the associated industry increasingly active in renewables.   It also underscores many utilities and generation executives’ belief that gas is an important source of energy long-term.  Members using the network are able to make connections, drive partnerships and drive success across both associated industries. 

How does it work?

The Energy Council is not a broker, nor does it invest directly as a group. Our members do however represent some of the world’s most active investors and accelerators.

Through our network we connect buy side investors with the renewable energy market. The international make-up and impartiality, offers our investor membership outstanding deal flow opportunities with project owners in the energy space.  Connections are supported through curated One2One meetings.  


The iCouncil knowledge platform ensures members have unlimited access to a range of primary insight, focused on helping individuals in the industry.  The iCouncil platform continually facilitates key data and information flow into the industry.  The platform is open source, and we encourage members to contribute, connect and share their ideas with one another.

VIP Receptions

The Council facilitates VIP Member Receptions all over the world, which are invite only gatherings of our network, specially curated for Senior Executives (C-Suite, Sr. BD, and Regional Managers only) from a cross-section of Utilities and Generation, Gas & LNG, Government, Equipment Manufactures, Investment and Banking Worlds and Trading firms.

Council Connect

Peer-to-peer introductions are facilitated through our Council Connect service, and are available exclusively to members.  The Council has the ability to offer this service on a global level, rather than just at a specific region or event.  

Why do thousands of senior executives, financiers and investors use the Energy Council platform?

We interact monthly with hundreds of individual assets owners.  We connect free of any conflict associated with success fees/or charging basis points on capital placed. We use this information, and the reams of data generated from our iCouncil platform to make targeted One2One introductions for the buy-side.  This offers an efficient and time-saving solution for institutional investors, financiers and senior executives looking to engage with one another.

We craft personal connections and agendas for each member throughout the year. We in turn connect our investor membership to the most influential portfolio companies, industry players and key stakeholders in the renewable energy arena.  clients via targeted global and regional meetings held throughout the year.

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