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Active Prospecting

When it comes to client prospecting and business development, energy companies typically have to start at ground zero.  Cold calling can often take months and even years to convert into meaningful connections.  But what if I told you there way another way? What if you could shorten this painful sales cycle?  What if you could remove the cold calling process all together?

The Energy Council platform removes the ineffectiveness of cold client outreach.  By offering vetted introductions to active prospects, Energy Council partners are more likely to have their emails responded to, meetings accepted, and services engaged. 

How do we do this?

Active energy executives come to the Energy Council when they have problems they want to solve.  Why?  Because our membership consists of 80,000+ leading energy executives, investors and financiers from all around the world.  They visit our content sites and world-leading event platforms to help connect them with investors, peers and ideas.  This in-turn provides the Energy Council with thousands of data entry points of active prospects, that our partners use to target clients. 

Our Difference

Unlike traditional exhibitions, media or data driven market services we are then able to facilitate curated introductions.  We identify prospects and engage them through our Live Events, Private Dinners, VIP Receptions, One2One Meetings, Webinars, PodCasts and Virtual Conferences.  We simply don’t leave connections and sales conversation to chance.  That’s why Energy Council active prospects are more likely to answer their phones, open your emails and accept a face-to-face meeting.

No other network has the reach and capabilities of the Energy Council


We will help you reliably reach, influence and engage new clients through leveraging the Energy Council members network. 

Signature Event Management

With networking at the heart of what we do, we want to share our platform – and our global network – with you. If you are interested in holding live or virtual events, from intimate roundtables to full blown summits for high profile decision makers across the world, we can help. Our dedicated team are able to design and produce bespoke buy-side driven meet-ups, virtually or in person, that allow you to engage with multiple clients. We create a guest list specifically matched to your target audience and provide full support.

Council Connect

At the heart of what we do is bespoke introductions, be that in person or virtually. The Energy Council exists to introduce its members to each other for BD, capital raising, M&A and other deals. We also have a wealth of intelligence on companies, its Country Heads and CEOs as well as criteria for deals and investments. With a rapidly growing iCouncil content platform of interviews, opinion pieces, blogs, podcasts and videos – we are perfectly positioned to raise our members’ profiles globally and connect them without networking events in place. 


Introducing the Energy Council Digital webinar series. Hear from high profile experts on the most pressing topics facing the industry in a series of open and candid debates. All webinars are highly interactive experiences, allowing members to fully participate in real time or access a library of previously broadcast webinars. Council Connect Digital is available to attendees who want the added benefit of prescheduled video meetings post webinar.


Our Podcast Channels highlight the strategies and individuals that are shaping the industry through three dedicated podcast series: Womens Energy Council and Energy Council Investor Series. In each episode, we speak to a different expert to get their insight on a specific industry topic from CEOs’ strategies for capital raising and the future of the energy sector to transformational leadership. Subscribe and listen to any of our series on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts

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