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5 November 2020 | 11:00 BST

M&A in the new world: the future of M&A is doomed

As travel came to a halt earlier this year, M&A professionals found themselves in a bizarre situation struggling to build those relationships that are vital to securing successful deals. Further, the pandemic caused a sudden halt in…Find out more

3 December 2020 | 15:00 BST

Investors can no longer be considered sustainable while only focusing on the E

The terms ‘ESG investing’, ‘impact investing’ and ‘sustainable investing’ are becoming increasingly thrown around in the world of finance but are they are not interchangeable and this can lead to confusion for investors. Whilst ESG…Find out more

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The absence of a clear benchmark for measuring ESG is the main barrier to investment into low-carbon infrastructure

There is no argument over the fact that much more investment is needed if we are to achieve the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement. In order to create an enabling environment for an accelerated Find out more


A subsidy free renewable global industry is possible within 5 years

­Falling technology costs have meant that the need for subsidies in the renewable energy industry has been questioned. However, whilst wind and solar are leading, many parts of the industry are not there yet. Would it be a mistake to assume, too early, that subsidies are no longer needed Find out more


The corporate sector is the most important actor in advancing energy efficiency, decarbonisation, clean electricity, heat and mobility

The corporate sector is becoming an increasingly important actor in the energy transition as a large number of private companies are upping investments to accelerate…Find out more


‘Greening’ existing infrastructure should be prioritised over investment into new clean energy projects

With global investment in new renewable energy capacity (excluding large hydro-electric projects) at $282.2 billion in 2019, it is clear that there is a growing appetite to invest into new clean energy projects. But is investing large sums Find out more

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