Jean-Marc Rodriguez

Jean-Marc Rodriguez

Senior Vice President – Exploration, Total EP

Mr. Jean-Marc Rodriguez is presently the VP Exploration Asia Pacific based in Singapore Exploration hub. He received his master from IPGS/France in Geology & Geophysics. Jean-Marc has been with Total for 25 years (the first six years in the industry were with BP.) He was employed in many different positions in exploration during this time, ranging from operations geophysics to prospect generation and field development. In addition, Jean-Marc was the chief geophysicist for several countries (UK, Angola, USA, and Thailand). He has worked on methodology development for seismic sources & design, and signal processing optimization.

On the reservoir side, he has held a variety of management roles in geosciences, from corporate reservoir geophysics manager to VP Geosciences in Africa.

Today, Mr. Rodriguez is leading a large team of experts working to optimize and growth Total’s exploration and to pave the way for the future, working extensively on the implementation of new technologies and value creation.