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Energy Council Debate Series

The Energy Council Debate Series brings together industry leaders to debate for or against a motion in a live session. Over the next two months we will be debating the possibility of a subsidy free renewables industry, the role of the corporate sector, bench marking for ESG and the hydrogen economy.


Anne-Laure de Chammard, ENGIE

ENGIE Group Chief Strategy Officer, Anne-Laure de Chammard, talks to us about How The Drive Towards Decarbonisation is Changing Business Models. Find out more.

Digital Offerings 2020

Discover the benefits of partnering with the industry leader, and find out how our platform can help you reach your target audience and deliver on key objectives. Find out more

Expert Insight

We explore how banks and asset managers are providing debt and innovative capital products and how they are responding to very different circumstances than the ones laid out in their commitments published as recently as March. Read here.

Expert Insight

We delve into the economics of the hydrogen economy, exploring where we are and what is needed for hydrogen to be the saviour that so many claim it will be – this is what we discovered when we spoke to our members. Read more.


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