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Doris Capurro, President & CEO, LUFT Energia

It is no secret that Vaca Muerta is a significant potential source of revenues for the country and a platform for large investments seeking attractive returns.

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Compiled by Benjamin West, Portfolio Manager, Americas, Energy Council

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Equinor's View of the Role of Gas

We need a transformation towards a carbon-neutral economy, and this will require the development of more renewables as well as a transformation within fossil energy and of Appeal

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 Steve Hill, Executive Vice President for Gas & Energy Marketing & Trading, Shell

The world has a growing population, increasing from 7 billion to 9 billion people by mid-century, with a higher expectation and affordability for their quality of life. Of these 9 billion people, more than half will live in Asia.

Thought Leader

Tor Langory, Managing Director, BD Global Capital

While BD Globe Capital has been providing investment and smart capital solutions to the energy sector worldwide for years now, we have a particular focus at present on ‘upstream Nigeria’, no doubt having been of great interest to us for the last 7 years.

Expert Insight

By making LNG readily available and integrating it into current energy ecosystems, countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh could successfully achieve a shift to a low-carbon, stable energy system serving a new generation of customers.

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Mark Wheeler, President, ConocoPhillips – China

ConocoPhillips believes the continuous technology innovation using Data Analytics and advanced unconventional resources development techniques will be two biggest drivers to boost our industry.

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