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Top 5 ESG Take-Aways from AON

Published 14 June 2021

2021 Future Outlook Survey Report

1. Narrative is Key

    • Compelling with the intent to differentiate from peers
    • Consistent messaging to be leveraged with all stakeholders, across all platforms and channels of communication

2. Know Your Value Proposition

    • Providing meaningful employment opportunities in the local markets
    • Delivering innovative work and customer solutions to evolving energy needs

3. Establish ESG Oversight Board & C-Suite

    • Ensures prioritization and focus on key risk factors
    • Elevates credibility with investors, regulators and other key stakeholders

4. Monitor Evolving Stakeholder Views

    • On-going engagement with critical stakeholders
    • Utilize outreach with stakeholders to gather and influence sentiments

5. Need to Educate Stakeholders on Regional/Industry Nuance

    • Relevance and role the industry has in Energy Transition
    • Demonstrate company value through community investments/partnerships

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