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The Axora Innovation Forecast:
How digital will determine the future of oil and gas

Published 24 July 2021

Axora Innovation Forecast

After a year of uncertainty, the oil and gas industry needs to act quickly to capitalise on an innovation boom. Axora spoke to 150 senior decision-makers to see how technology will carry their companies – and the industry at large – into the future.

It’s been a rocky year, but things are finally looking up for oil and gas.

Emerging from supply surpluses, price wars and a global pandemic, the industry is ready to take advantage of an imminent hydrocarbon boom. And with the energy transition just around the corner, there’s no better time to prioritise digitalisation.

The Axora Innovation Forecast can help you do just that. Compiled by the digital solutions marketplace Axora and featuring data and commentary from 150 of the industry’s leading decision-makers, this report will help you optimise and execute your digital transformation strategy. The insights presented here will help you reduce deployment risks, build a business case for investments, and accelerate innovation-related change.

Download the report now to find out:

  • The biggest barriers to technology adoption and how to overcome them
  • Which technologies will provide the biggest opportunities in the next five years
  • Why a digital innovation partner could be the guide you need to drive organisational change

Are you ready for the digital future of oil and gas? The Axora Innovation Forecast can help you prepare. Download the full report to take the next bold step on your digital transformation journey.

Download The Full Innovation Forecast Report

About Axora

Axora are a digital solutions marketplace for industrial innovators.

Axora make it simple for industrial companies to discover, buy and sell digital innovation, driving safety, sustainability and efficiency across their entire operations.

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