Gergely Molnar, Gas Analyst of IEA

Published 13 March 2023



Joel Riddle

In this special episode, we are joined by Gergely Molnar following IEA's recently released gas report. He walked us through his thoughts on the future of the gas market in Europe, ahead of the highly anticipated European Gas Conference happening later this month, where he shared insights into the current state of the industry and how Europe has managed to reposition itself after a challenging phase for the market. Additionally, he talks about his highlights of the upcoming conference and provides a preview of his panel titled “Not a destination of last resort anymore: How has Europe repositioned itself for LNG supply?”. 


Gregley Molnar is a speaker at the European Gas Conference 2023 

European Gas Conference

Coming to Vienna, Austria on 27 – 29 March 2023

The ideal platform for European Institutions, EU Member States, gas producers, and supply countries to come together and discuss questions on Europe’s energy future.

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