Johann Raunig, Partner at Mckiney

Published 13 March 2023


Joel Riddle

Published 13 March 2023

In this exclusive podcast, we are joined by Johann Raunig who is the Partner of McKinsey. Last year's ⁠European Gas Conference⁠ (EGC), which took place shortly after the start of the war with Ukraine, featured Johann as its keynote speaker. A year later, he considers how his clients have responded to the energy crisis and how it has affected their future plans, as well as how viable is LNG as a solution for the energy crisis in Europe. 

We conclude the podcast with Johann's thoughts on what he is most interested in hearing from his peers at the EGC, where he will be presenting this month on “Demand destruction and long-term decarbonisation targets: What can we learn from this year’s winter?


Johann Raunig is a speaker at the European Gas Conference 2023

European Gas Conference

Coming to Vienna, Austria on 27 – 29 March 2023

The ideal platform for European Institutions, EU Member States, gas producers, and supply countries to come together and discuss questions on Europe’s energy future.

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