Susan Grayson

Susan Grayson

Director, Resourcing, Talent, D&I and L&D, Spirit Energy

Susan Grayson is Director, Resourcing, Talent, D&I and L&D at Spirit Energy.  With 30 years Oil & Gas experience, within both operators and supply chain, Susan has a background spanning, commercial, hydrocarbon sales & transportation,  hydrocarbon accounting, fiscal measurement and diversity & inclusion.  Susan is a committee member of the AXIS Network (cross industry balanced business network) and the Aberdeen section of InterEnergy (LGBTQ+ industry network). 

Susan has chaired the Spirit Energy, employee led diversity and inclusivity network and was involved in the set-up of this network during her time at  Centrica Energy.  Susan is committed to making our industry more diverse, gender balanced and inclusive.

Susan has previously spoken on the Women’s Energy Council panel at the  World Energy Capital Assembly