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Where world-class companies and projects are funded

The Energy Council is not a broker, nor does it invest directly as a group. Our members do however represent some of the world’s most active investors and accelerators.

Through our network we connect the buy side with the sell side in energy markets. The international make-up and impartiality, offers our investor membership outstanding deal flow opportunities with project owners in the energy space.

Why do thousands of investors use the Energy Council platform?

We interact monthly with hundreds of individual assets owners.  We do this on every continent free of any conflict associated with success fees/or charging basis points on capital placed. We use this information, and the reams of data generated from our iCouncil platform to make more targeted introductions for the buy-side than possible through many intermediaries.

We increase energy investor’s ability to make more informed decisions and reduce the time it takes to convert research into actionable insight.  We do this by giving our investor membership exclusive access to the most influential industry players, and key clients via targeted global and regional meetings held throughout the year.

The unbundling of conference research with execution services is a concern for many buy-side investors. Our platform is free of Research Implications under MiFID II.  As research consumption practices have to change, we are able to aggregate research and maintain tight relationships associated with many traditional practices.

More than 4000 accredited investors enjoy the following benefits:

Complimentary access to all aspects of our events calendar including our VIP invite-only member socials

One-to-one engagement with assets owners, government and industry stakeholders curated through our Council Connect service


Direct interaction with Ministers    


Exclusive access to the VIP Investor Lounge at our shows

To obtain your accreditation and access to the network, please apply here:

* MIFID II. We have been contacted by many Sell-Side firms with concerns about hosting Investor Day services.
If you represent a corporate broker looking at MIFID II in Europe, or wish to raise funds and/or engage with investors our energy shows have a track-record of success, please contact one of the following regional heads:

Amir Shirkhan

Amir Shirkhan

Managing Director, EMEA

Tel: +44 20 7384 8058

Laurent Lafont

Laurent Lafont

SVP Corporate Development, EMEA

Tim Pawul

Tim Pawul

SVP Corporate Development, Americas

Lyle Simpson

Lyle Simpson

SVP Head of APAC