Anders Marvik

Anders Marvik

Manager, Competitive Intelligence Department, Economics & Competitive Intelligence

International energy executive with 25 years’ experience around the world. Strong leadership skills in multi-discipline and cross-cultural teams. Creative and innovative solution maker with focus on creating winning teams that thrive, develop and perform at world class levels. Deep experience in several business areas including strategy, lobbying, treasury, political affairs, business intelligence, project financing, and project management.

Throughout my career I have always strived to challenge myself to lift every job position I take on to the next level, in terms of the people I lead, the results and outputs I am responsible for, and not least to constantly challenge as to how we improve and constantly lift quality to become world class in everything we do.

When it comes to results, products and outputs, I always identify what is the global best practice in the field or area I am responsible for, by liaising with world experts and leaders in their fields. This becomes the basis for setting my own performance indicators, and creating a timeline of how and when I expect to see these results. With this vision and plan, I compose the right teams for the task at hand. I have done this for existing functions and teams, but also for setting up entirely new corporate functions. This approach has enabled me to gain the visibility and trust from CEO’s and executive management teams, which has both furthered my own career, and that of my teams and functions. It has also caused me to be featured in business academic literature as a global best practice maker.

For teams and individuals that means to recruit and build sustainable high performing teams, where individuals thrive, where everybody are given, and takes responsibilities, are allowed to challenge no matter their level of seniority, and gain experience in new areas and gets credited fully for their work. My leadership belief is that I need to be able to deliver through my teams, as that is the only way to achieve world class results in a sustainable manner. I have many examples of how I have been able to deliver both top results and at the same time achieve very high satisfaction scores, together with developing individuals to further their own career paths. I like to create teams with diverse experiences, nationalities and educational backgrounds, as I find these teams to complement each other better, they bring in new points of view, and where cross-sectoral learnings and discussions can yield better results.

To achieve the above, I am a strong believer in always balancing my focus internally within the company and externally. Internally means close and personal contact with CEO/Board/EVP’s, being invited to the top corporate strategy and business discussions, and being visible though results. Externally means speaking engagements at leading conferences and TV debates, through high focus on networking, through social media, giving interviews and participation in industry associations.