Antoine Trieux

Antoine Trieux

Co-Head-Midstream and Downstream O&G, Natixis


  • Antoine is in charge of the Mid and Downstream O&G sector at Natixis which encompasses all sectors that relate to the transportation and/or transformation of O&G (i.e. pipelines, storage facilities, LNG, Petrochemicals, Refineries, FPSOs, gas utilities).
  • Antoine has the responsibility to develop Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking business in this sector.



  • Antoine has been following the Mid and Downstream O&G sector for more than 15 years through a number of lending or advisory mandates he has been involved in, mainly in the Europe, Middle East and Africa area.
  • Antoine has gained experience in the industry working at CACIB (2003-2005) and then Natixis (from 2006).



  • Master in Management and Finance from Université Paris Dauphine
  • Master in Finance from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and Université Paris X