Carina Krastel

Carina Krastel

Commercial Director

Carina Krastel has recently joined EIT InnoEnergy, a European public-private partnership, as the Commercial Director of the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC), an initiative supported by Breakthrough Energy.

The EGHAC will focus on supporting and accelerating large scale industrial green hydrogen projects which with massive CO2 reduction impact in hard to abate industrial value chains like steel making, fertilizer production, synthetic fuel production, shipping etc.

Carina Krastel is a sustainable energy engineer with experience in engineering, business and innovation. Since 2009, she has worked in the construction and the industrial gas industry on sustainable energy, air quality and innovation topics. Prior to joining InnoEnergy, Carina has worked as the Director for New Offers for the Energy Transition for the Large Industry Business of Air Liquide, a French industrial gas company, focusing on offers for green hydrogen and carbon capture solutions.

Quote if of interest: « “We can only decarbonize energy-intensive industries sustainably when taking a value chain approach. Discussions should focus on the premium of the end-product and not on the price of hydrogen”. « Carina Krastel