David Duren

David Duren

Chairman of the Board & Founder, Circon Energy

David Duren is Chairman & Founder of Circon Energy, LLC, a company created to lead energy innovation through a circular economy. Leveraging his years of experience in diverse roles across the industry, David is a pioneer in energy transition.

In addition to overseeing Circon, David is also Founder and CEO of Kinected Energy Solutions, LLC, and Chairman of ReCO2, LLC. As an innovator in carbon neutrality for sustainable business applications, David co-founded Net Zero, LLC and serves as Chairman of eAI institute, a not-for-profit research institute optimizing ESG with AI systems for environmental stewardship outcomes. David previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Relevant Solutions, LLC.

A native of Houston, Texas, David earned degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Texas A&M University, where he regularly lectures on leadership and technology development within the University’s College of Engineering.

On a personal note, David has been married 28 years and has five children and one son-in-law. He and his wife serve on national boards and in leadership roles at the community level, including Reformed Youth Ministries (RYM), the Leadership Council of Texas A&M’s Association of Former Students, and Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Houston.

David Duren, Chairman of the Board & Founder, Circon Energy was a speaker at the New York Energy Capital Assembly, 2022.