Sheng Ding

Sheng Ding

Partner, HOPU Investments

Mr. Ding has over 28 years of domestic and international energy industry and investment experiences and prominent track record of establishing and managing energy businesses.  As a partner at HOPU Investments, he is the member of the investment committee, and heads up the Energy team and is responsible for fund raising, investing, and post investment management activities.

In addition to his rich international energy experience and successful track record, Mr. Ding has also made outstanding contributions to China's oil and gas exploration and development industry.  As the Founder, General Manager and Chief Representative of Newfield Exploration Company in China, he was not only responsible for establishing the China business, but also discovered several oilfields in South China Sea and successfully developed them to achieve >30kbbl/d of production for the company.  After Newfield, Mr. Ding established PetroBroad Copower Ltd., where he discovered another commercial block in South China Sea and acted as an operator to take the field to the current development phase.  Furthermore, he helped PetroChina discover and develop the first ever economically viable shale gas field, Weiyuan field, in China through joint venture activities.

Mr. Ding serves as the Co-Chairman and a director of PetroBroad and Copower Ltd., a previous board member of Schlumberger CoPower Oilfield Services Limited, Director of New Age Limited, and Chairman and Director of New Age LNG Company Limited.  Prior to this, he held a number of senior technical, commercial, and management positions with Newfield, El Paso O&G Company, Enron Energy Services, Enron Global E&P, EOG International, and Shell Oil Company.

Mr. Ding was previously the Chairman of Society of Petroleum Engineers North China, Chairman of Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts New Orleans, and Vice President of World Petroleum Council China.  Mr. Ding holds a MBA from Loyola University, MS in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M University, and BS in automation from China University of Petroleum. Mr. Ding was also a Guest Professor at China University of Petroleum.