Eric Vosburgh

Eric Vosburgh

VP of Worldwide Exploration, Apache

22 years of experience in the Energy Industry starting as a open / cased hole wireline engineer with Schlumberger.  Following his Schlumberger employment Mr. Vosburgh worked for various operators (Unocal, Occidental, ConocoPhillips and Maersk) in a Petrophysical role, both on and offshore.  The projects which he has been assigned to include domestic US and International development and exploration assets as well and business development projects.  Mr. Vosburgh has experience in both Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs.  During his time with Apache he has worked in the Midland, San Antonio and most recently in the Houston office and is currently assigned as the VP of Exploration / Global Geoscience.

Eric will be joining the Oil & Gas Council webinar debate series, speaking on New Frontier Exploration Offshore Latin American will not attract funding in a post-COVID19 world.

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