Ilaria Conti

Ilaria Conti

Head of Gas, Florence School Of Regulation (EUI)

Ilaria Conti is Head of Gas at the Florence School of Regulation.  

She has worked in EU energy policy and regulation  for 15+ years, of which 9 in Brussels. She worked for the United Nations (UNRIC), the Permanent Representation of Italy at the EU and EFET, the European Federation of Energy Traders, as Communications and Policy Associate.  In 2008 she founded EFET Italy, which she headed until 2013.  

For two years she worked at the Italian gas company ENOI as Regulatory Manager, then she joined the EUI in 2015 and founded the Gas area of the Florence School of Regulation, initiating its current research, training and policy debate activities.

She currently directs and teaches in a number of residential and online courses on gas policy and regulation.

Ilaria has been an external advisor to the EU Commission in the field of energy security and external relations as well as on strategic energy research projects, such as FSR Sector Coupling, Gas taxonomy, Guarantees of Origin. She also cooperates with DG Energy as external expert on the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform.  

She was Member of the Advisory Board for CEER’s (Council of European Energy Regulators) Study of “Future role of gas from a regulatory perspective”, of DG ENER’s Study on “The role of Trans-EU gas Infrastructure in the light of the 2050 decarbonisation targets” and of the ongoing Hydrogen for Europe Study. She also represents FSR in the Clean Hydrogen Alliance roundtable on gas transmission and distribution.

She authored or co-authored articles and publications on gas market design and regulation and, more recently, on sector coupling, green gases and decarbonisation.