Isatou Auber Faal

Isatou Auber Faal

Acting Managing Director, GNPC

Mrs. Isatou Auber Faal is a highly driven professional with over 15 years experience in Top Management. Her steady rise through the ranks of Government of The Gambia saw her handle the position of Secretary to Cabinet before her most recent deployment to the National Oil Company, first as Deputy Managing Director and currently as Acting Managing Director. Her administrative experience at the pinnacle of the civil service has given her vast experience and expertise to support and coordinate the National Oil Company’s development agenda through the ongoing restructuring and reform process in preparation for increased upstream activities.

Mrs. Isatou Auber-Faal’s key attributes include her leadership abilities especially in working with top executives, civil servant leaders and private sector C.E.Os. She has recorded impacts at both individual and institutional levels especially in the area of public administration. She has a personal passion for human resource and capacity development as has been evidenced by her time at the Office of the President. She has always been of the belief that a motivated workforce, provided with the requisite skills and resources is the only workable recipe for improved efficiency and effectiveness in the service.

Her leadership of Gambia National Petroleum Corporation works on the direction that, in such a highly complex and relatively uncertain industry, increased efficiency and effectiveness of service is of the utmost importance.  

As a leader, her modus operandi has been that of developing a strong team of sub-leaders to compliment strengths and eliminate weaknesses for the greater good. With her educational background and experience, Isatou Auber-Faal’s key priority in the short term is to improve all internal systems and processes, digitizing those systems and processes for greater efficiency, and regularizing standards and procedures for increased productivity and effectiveness of the institution.