Kevin Peakman

Kevin Peakman

Director Hydrogen, Energy Estate

Kevin is an honours graduate in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London University.

Kevin joined Energy Estate as their Director of Hydrogen to accelerate the transformation of the Hydrogen Economy from concept to reality. Kevin is leading the development of hydrogen production via Electrolysis as a mechanism for assisting electricity grid stability whilst producing green hydrogen for use domestically and for export. Furthermore, Kevin is developing a green chemicals concept to build on the potential of hydrogen as something more than just an energy vector.

Kevin runs Kandls Engineering specialising in assisting clients with using hydrogen as an energy carrier and energy storage medium. Kevin has 35 years of experience with hydrogen including steam methane reformer plant design and operation, electrolyser operation, hydrogen storage systems including liquid hydrogen, hydrogen distribution and fuel cell design. Kevin is a member of several Standards Australia technical committees developing and maintaining standards in the clean energy space including hydrogen.

Kevin was previously responsible for developing BOC's clean energy technology including LNG and Hydrogen. Kevin developed BOC's hydrogen fuel chain supply network including the development of hydrogen production, distribution and refuelling technologies to support the imminent roll out of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles as well as other customer solutions. Kevin was responsible for designing and building BOC's two micro LNG plants, the LNG distribution and supply chain equipment and LNG Fuel Dispensing Systems. He Programme Managed the deployment of this technology to support the development of BOC's LNG business in the energy and transportation industries.

Prior to joining BOC Australia in 2007, Kevin had 25 years experience in the Chemical industry. The majority of his experience has been with BOC in the UK and ICI in Australia where he held various senior roles in Technology and Operations management. He also worked for Johnson Matthey where he was responsible for a range of projects in developing Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Fuel Cell components and Hydrogen production for large international automotive companies including GM, Daimler and Nissan as an alternative fuel for the automotive market.

Kevin will be speaking at the Asia Pacific Energy Assembly 2021, taking place online on 20 – 22 April 2021. Find out more here.