Lyubomira Gancheva

Lyubomira Gancheva

Head of the Political Cabinet, Ministry of Energy, Republic of Bulgaria

Lyubomira Gancheva is a business leader and energy adviser with more than 15 years of experience. Former Energy and Industry Advisor to The President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Head of the Political cabinet of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria, expert and advisor to the Council of Ministers and National Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

She is currently working at Clever Synergy Investment Fund (CSIF) – the Green holding company of Bulgaria, which has been investing for over 15 years in traditionally strong and key economic areas for Bulgaria, in accordance with the principles of sustainability. 

Past areas of work at the Bulgarian institutions include energy strategy and policy with a considerable experience in dealing with multilateral energy and economic policy questions at the highest international level (ministerial meetings), project management, document approval and stakeholder coordination. 

Skilled in investment banking, especially in the energy and industry sector, with over a decade of executive experience in that field. Bachelor in Macroeconomics, Master at Energy Markets and Serves and PhD candidate on Energy Industry Management at the oldest university in Bulgaria.