Manuel Rodriguez Arregui

Manuel Rodriguez Arregui

Chief Executive Officer, Ainda Energia y Infraestructura

Manuel Rodriguez Arregui is a partner and CEO of Ainda, Energia & Infraestructura. AINDA ( has a listed private equity fund (CKD) to invest in transportation, water, electricity and oil & gas projects. Until May of 2015 he was the CEO of GBM Infraestructura, another listed Private Equity Fund based in Mexico that invested in infrastructure and energy projects including the water system of Cancun, a large wind generation facility and a strategic toll road.

In the private sector he has been Managing Director of Mercer Management Consulting, where he developed the business plan for the Toluca Airport, the oil well drilling strategy for Pemex, the operating model of a maritime fleet, the commercialization of LNG in the Pacific region and a strategy for a global logistics company.

In the public sector, has acted as Undersecretary of Transportation and Chief Administration Officer of the Department of Governance. The projects conducted in the public sector include: Commuter Rail System 1, the construction of Terminal 2 of AICM and the implementation of the new Identity Card for Citizens and a project to safeguard the General Archives of the Nation.

Manuel has taught economics and finance at the ITAM and at the Universidad Iberoamericana.