Mike Doherty

Mike Doherty

Chairman, Impact Oil & Gas

Mike Doherty started his oil and gas career in the seismic industry.  In 1971 he joined Seismograph Services Ltd (‘SSL’) as a seismologist following his qualification with a Physics degree from Trinity College Dublin.  In 1979 he and two other colleagues founded Merlin Geophysical as an independent UK-based seismic company.  This company was sold to Schlumberger in 1986.

Mike then joined the E&P sector by establishing Quadrant Exploration with blocks in the Porcupine Basin offshore Ireland.  This was merged with Ardmore Petroleum and, subsequently, Tuskar Resources plc where Mike was CEO.  Tuskar had a diverse portfolio – its most notable success was the discovery of the giant Rubiales Field in the Llanos Basin of Colombia.

Mike moved on from Tuskar to take control of Tur-Kan Petrol (Turkey) and then merge it with the Toronto listed Trans-Dominion Energy Corporation.  This was later sold to Toreador Resources.

In 2010, Mike and four other upstream colleagues set up Impact Oil & Gas Limited as an independent exploration company focusing on frontier acreage offshore Africa.

Mike is a member of the PESGB and a Fellow of the Geological Society.