Rachelle Goebel

Rachelle Goebel

Chief Executive Officer, Transform Materials

As CEO, Rachelle executes Transform Materials’ vision, mission, and direction to bring green chemistry and clean hydrogen to global markets.  She spearheads the company’s unique, proven technology to provide innovative solutions to meet difficult industry decarbonization challenges.

Rachelle brings significant leadership and industry experience to Transform Materials.  She focused on modular and site construction in her role as President of AG&P Americas. Prior to that position, Rachelle was Vice President and General Manager, Gas Processing and Hydrogen at Honeywell UOP. Rachelle spent more than 15 years at Air Liquide in various roles including General Manager for Industrial and Specialty Gases. 

She received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering and MBA, with finance specialization from Texas A&M University

As Chief Executive Officer of Transform Materials, Rachelle Goebel is responsible for the execution of Transform Materials’ growth strategy. 

She contributes to the development of the company’s technology and intellectual property portfolio, negotiates complex contracts, and leads multinational operations.

Prior to joining Transform Materials, she served as President for AG&P Americas, an international modular infrastructure and project development company.  She generated an independent business unit in the Americas with a focus on modular construction, specialized labor resources and LNG terminal development.  

Rachelle also has extensive gas processing and hydrogen experience stemming from her seven years at Honeywell UOP.   Rachelle joined UOP as Sales Director and was promoted from regional to global roles within both the Gas Processing and Hydrogen (GP&H) and the Process Technology and Equipment (PT&E) businesses.  Having a strong understanding of the process technology businesses, she was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the GP&H business, where she focused on international expansion in China and India.

Additionally, Rachelle has direct industrial gas experience from 14 years with Air Liquide in the specialty and packaged gas, bulk gas and large industry businesses.  Her career with Air Liquide spanned many roles including sales, marketing, services, acquisitions, and general management. 

Rachelle earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA, both from Texas A&M University.