Roy Hartstein

Roy Hartstein

Managing Director, Responsible Energy Solutions

Roy Hartstein, the Founder and CEO of Responsible Energy Solutions, is driven to  help companies find the value in “doing the right things”.  He has led companies to achieve “Freshwater Neutral”, offsetting their use of freshwater by improving water quality and availability, established methane management initiatives for production operations and pioneered the implementation of the first U.S. “certified gas” transaction.  He combines these experiences with leading oil and gas companies, both upstream and midstream operators,  in implementing ESG strategies focused on key areas of material value and environmental risk mitigation.

Hartstein has spoken frequently on resource development including presentations on certified gas, water management and methane emissions management.  Recent presentations include Darcy Partners Trending Perspectives, Resources for the Future – Greening Gas, 2020 ADI Analytics Forum, 2019 ONE Future Climate and Methane Strategies Summit, 2018 SPE Workshop on Environmental Stewardship in Unconventional Resource Development; and IGU Methane Conference at COP23 in Bonn, Germany.  Responsible Energy Solutions is an energy consultancy dedicated to helping companies create tangible value through environmental excellence and is an approved assessor for the Equitable Origin EO100.  

As the Chairman of the International Gas Union's Group of Experts on Methane Emissions from 2016 to 2018, he led global discussions about methane among leading natural gas organizations.  He also chaired the IGU Sustainability Committee working group on Methane Emissions, leading to the World Gas Conference in Washington, DC in June of 2018.

In 2021, Roy will be speaking at the Northam Energy Capital Assembly on the panel: The Role of Third Party Certification in Establishing a Premium Natural Gas Market (14 October, 4 pm)