Will Cullen

Will Cullen

Vice President LongPoint Minerals

Will Cullen holds a B.A. from Montana State University and an M.B.A and M.S. in Finance from the University of Denver.

He began his career in Institutional Sales with Petrie Parkman. He also owned and operated Highlands Minerals & Royalties. In 2007, he took a position at Shell as Development Economist followed by a placement at Shell's Aquasitions and Developments Group as Manager M&A and commercial Fiance. In 2015, Will was appointed MLP Business Analysis Lead.

In 2016, Will joined LongPoint Minerals as Vice where he oversees all of LongPoint's acquisition activities including origination, negotiation, execution, and integration. Additionally, he provides support to the Business Development team

In 2021, Will Cullen joined the Minerals and Royalties Council as a Speaker.