Working Groups

Hundreds of individuals from a diverse range of companies and countries have used the Council’s Working Frameworx Groups to collaborate and connect on the biggest challenges and conundrums facing the energy ecosystem.

Our members join a Council Working Frameworx group sharing our commitment to impartiality, and open access to all our research.  In this spirit, the Working Frameworx Groups are operated on a Not-for-Profit basis.

The outcomes delivered by each group are delivered back into the network, and made freely available to anyone curious about the topics being discussed.


The Council’s Working Frameworx Groups include:

Women’s Energy Council

The Women’s Energy Council is based on the belief that a more inclusive workforce not only enhances business performance, but can also serve as an integral part of business strategy and planning.

The Women’s Energy Council is based on the belief that a more inclusive workforce not only enhances business performance, but can also serve as an integral part of business strategy and planning.

The Women’s Energy Council is an informal networking group focused on education, and enhancing women’s careers by sharing experiences and lessons learned.  We work to encourage mentoring and provide networking opportunities throughout the year. We have the following objectives:

  • To provide companies and individuals the opportunity to network at a senior level throughout the year
  • To support the career development of board and executive level women in the industry through access to new career opportunities and peer-to-peer networking
  • To promote female thought leadership both online and at our events world-wide

We welcome companies of all shapes and sizes to support the Women’s Energy Council. Partners receive various benefits including:

  • Annual memberships for company executives to the Energy Council
  • Guest tickets to events hosted by the Women’s Energy Council.
  • Opportunity to become a member of the Women’s Energy Council Advisory Committee
  • Literature distribution at Women's Energy Council networking functions
  • An interview featured in various event show guides and online – being promoted to 10,000s of executives world-wide.

Desired Outcomes

Continually promote and engage with the next generation of women leaders in energy.

Advocacy for the sector – encouraging graduates to consider oil and gas as a long-term career option.

Practice What We Preach – A commitment that 50% of our own management board are women.

Entrance Criteria

The Women’s Energy Council  is open to any individual who is affiliated with the industry, who has an interest in the exchange of ideas and to share experiences around female participation in our industry.

What People Say

“The establishment of the Women’s Energy Council is long overdue! There is much to be gained from a collegiate industry focussed council for women to accelerate their professional development and maximize their contribution to the sector.”
Cynthia Dubin, Non-Executive Director, Babcock & Wilcox

“The Women's Energy Council has created an excellent forum to highlight and discuss important issues that are impacting women in our industry. BP is proud to be a sponsor.”
Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman, BP


Amy Miller
Global Managing Director
T: +44 207 384 8063
E: [email protected]


Energy Convergence

There is a convergence between traditional downstream and upstream worlds.  Driven by low oil and gas prices, a drive to a low carbon future, lower generation revenues and the onset of Distributed Energy Resources.

The Energy Convergence Working Frameworx Group’s central premise is that we are NOT going through an energy transition in developed markets.  It looks rather to create a narrative beyond the next 5 years.  We suggest that recent investments in off-grid technologies by the oil and gas industry are the start of a much more exciting trend for the industry.  In 2018 this framework group looks to answer the following questions:


  • Are we going through a wholesale energy convergence, or just a transition?
  • What lessons can we learn from telecoms convergence around content, mobile and fixed line in the 2000s?
  • With large-scale generation under threat from DER, is now the opportune time for partnership to develop between equals?

Desired Outcomes

Present a paper at Europe Utility Week in Vienna in November 2018 entitled “The Future Oil and Gas Service Provider”

This paper will explore the concept that the oil and gas industry is the natural partner for utilities in the future smart home, and not telecoms as widely assumed.

Entrance Criteria

This Working Frameworx Group is open to anyone with an interest in the convergence of business models, and the evolution of both new and established energy players.

Iain Pitt
Chief Executive Officer
T: +27 718 581 025
E: [email protected]


Charter for National Development

Launching in Amsterdam in September 2018, the ‘Charter for National Development’ is a Working Frameworx Group looking to increase the number of nationals working in the oil and gas sector.

Charter for National Development

The group’s  aim is to facilitate the development of an agreed ‘Charter for National Development’ which will support the development of localization around the globe by:

  • Setting out shared national priorities around social, economic and education in hydrocarbon countries
  • Standardizing language around localization and local content in order to create a deeper understanding in the wider industry
  • Aligning the interests of governments with those of international stakeholders around skills development

It is hoped that this approach will support government capacity building, local content development, education and training, infrastructure and civil society engagement projects around the world.

Desired Outcomes

Adoption of a ‘Charter for National Development’ published and signed in association with Ministers of Petroleum, Energy and Education from relevant countries in 2019.

Entrance Criteria

This Working Frameworx Groups is open to all education and training providers, as well as oil, gas and contracting companies and governments who share a passion for the provision of skills sets in the energy industry.

Eleni Stenzel
Managing Director, Signature Events
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[email protected]