Lisa Rebora

Lisa Rebora

Senior Vice President of Exploration Excellence, Equinor

Lisa joined the industry in the mid 1990s after graduating with an MSc in Petroleum Geosciences and Geology degree at Imperial College. She began her career in Schlumberger working in seismic acquisition and processing then moved to ARCO (and its US subsidiary Vastar Resources) working as an Exploration Geophysicist on the Central North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater. 

In 2000, she joined BP as a Development Geoscientist in the early appraisal and development of the Angola Congo Basin.  In 2004, she and her family moved to Cairo with BP where she spent 5 years exploring the West Nile Delta.

In 2009, she moved to Statoil, now Equinor, based in both Norway and London. She has worked both international new ventures and licences in several Advisor and Leadership roles, including Exploration Manager of Nicaragua/Colombia and VP Regional Exploration for the Southern Hemisphere. She was previously Head of Sustainability and Safety for Equinor’s exploration portfolio until 2018. 

She is currently Senior Vice President of Exploration Excellence, in addition to the role of Head of Strategy for Exploration.

Additionally, Adrienne was appointed President and Chairman of BP Canada in July 2017 where she leads engagement and integration across the BP Canada organization. Adrienne works closely with BP’s joint venture boards, heads of function, and external stakeholders to enhance BP’s current business in unconventional oil, deep water and Arctic exploration.
Adrienne chairs the BP Canada Energy Group ULC Board of Directors.

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