November 2018


How important do you think networks such as the Oil & Gas Council are for your firm’s business development strategies? In particular what value do you think Such Capital will extract at our upcoming Asia Pacific Energy Assembly?

I am looking forward to the APAC Energy Assembly to assess sentiment of key players in the region as the recovery in the oil and gas sector picks up pace. Also, I am interested in the long-term challenges to the sector from new technologies, and how aware key players are of the disruptive challenges that lie ahead for the traditional energy economy. A view on both issues is critical for investing in the sector today.

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced so far in your tenure at Such Capital? What do you see as the greatest challenge specific to the APAC region?

In the near term, the biggest challenges for APAC are to continue to invest in oil and gas to meet demand, and to make up for several years of underinvestment. However, these decisions have to be weighed against the longer term challenges from new energy technologies, such as electrification, batteries and renewables.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for growth within the industry in the next 5 years, does APAC’s outlook differ at all, and how are you positioned to support this? 

In the near terms there is clearly a capex cycle coming. It will be large, and once again will create opportunities to earn above normal returns in certain sectors, especially for oil services and equipment providers. Over the longer term the best opportunities remain in continued advances in batteries and renewables.

What topics are you most looking forward to discussing and debating at the Asia Pacific Energy Assembly?
  1. Oil/Supply Demand Outlook and ability to existing service asset base to meet expected demand
  2. The much improved outlook for LNG
  3. New Energy and how old energy is responding to its challenges.

About Jay Bhutani:/h4>
Jay Bhutani is CEO of Such Capital, a Family Office he recently founded. His career spans three decades engaging with energy and mining companies, half of it as a fiduciary and investor. Jay managed Natural Resource and Energy Equities’ Funds at Wellington Management and Credit Suisse. Prior to that he led the Emerging Markets Oil and Gas Research efforts at Lehman Brothers and Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette. In his early years he was an analyst for Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, the Petroleum Finance Co. and as a macroeconomist at Wharton Econometrics. Jay has a BA from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jay Bhutani will be speaking at the Energy Council's Asia Pacific Energy Assembly.
30 – 31 January 2019, Singapore.