Meet The Speaker

Kevin Kynoch, Managing Director – Energy Group, ATB Financial

In the current state of affairs, we simply can not do enough to promote the positive factors associated with our industry. I believe that we must continue to encourage discussions, at every level, that put Canada’s long term economic interests ahead of regional political interests.

Melody Meyer, Non-Executive Director, BP

I was born in an oil camp in North Dakota and my father was a Petroleum Engineer, so I was literally raised learning about the industry. I attended my first OTC when I was 13 years old.

Sergio G M Brandao, Actis LLP

August 2018 Can you give us an overview of the main strategic goals for Actis in Brazil for the coming 12 months? (i) Maintain operational excellence of our existing 1,100MW operating portfolio of wind power plants in the country; and (ii) Complete construction of another 900MW of wind and solar power plants in northeast and […]

Luz Barbero Carbi, Partner, Solarif Financial

August 2018 Can you tell us a little bit about Solarif Financial’s history in South America and what makes you different from your competitors? Solarif Financial is a business partnership between Luz Holding (a company dedicated to Social Impact investments) and the Solarif Group (PV projects insurance), both companies are based in The Netherlands and […]