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Warren Levy

Chief Executive Officer, 
Jaguar Exploration & Production

February 2020

What is your main goal for 2020?

Our main goal for the next year is to execute on an aggressive exploration and evaluation drilling plan.

Can you give a brief overview of Jaguar’s operations in Mexico? 

We currently have 11 blocks which we won in the 2.2 and 2.3 bid rounds from 2017. Of the 11 blocks, 5 have current production. We also have an extensive exploration portfolio

Can you tell us one interesting fact about Jaguar's history? 

Jaguar E&P was founded in Monterrey, but is now headquartered in Mexico City. We hold 50% of the acreage won on land in the bid rounds.

What is your ultimate ambition in Mexico?

To deliver gas and oil production that makes a difference not only in the energy balance of the country, but also benefits the communities that we operate in and the country as a whole.

Do you feel that the cancellation of the energy bid rounds have affected you? If so, how?

No, we don't. We have a large and exciting existing portfolio that we are quite happy to focus on for now.

What is your next step in Mexico operations, what are you working on right now?

Our current focus is on mobilizing our first drilling rig to start our exploration and evaluation program in late Q1.

What do you feel is the main challenge operating in Mexico and what are you looking forward to in 2020?

Time is our biggest challenge. The exploration period is very short at two years, and with the time taken to do diligent subsurface work, and obtain all required permits to drill, it leaves a short time window to explore effectively. With that said, in 2020 we are looking forward to having drilling success and being able to grow our team.

How does working with Grupo Topaz help you? 

They offer world class leadership and a long term committed view on how to invest and create value. 

You put a lot of focus on ESG. How? What are you most proud of so far? 

Working with our staff, our communities and all of our stakeholders through educational initiatives.

And lastly, what one book or movie has changed your life?

Brief History of Time – Stephan Hawking

Warren Levy will be speaking on the WHERE ARE ONSHORE UPSTREAM OPPORTUNITIES NOW? panel at the 2020 Mexico Assembly. The panel will be focusing on the onshore opportunities in Mexico, broken down by the operators who won blocks in Round 1 and 2.

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Warren Levy

Warren Levy

Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar E&P

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