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Alternative Energy is now anything but

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At the Oil and Gas Council, our role is to ensure we reflect our membership. It hasn’t escaped our notice that many of our members are undergoing efforts to realign their core business to a broader energy focus.  Additionally, our network of financiers and investors are increasingly open to new opportunities that don’t sit in the traditional realms of upstream.

Our network has been built around connectivity, trust, integrity and most important impartiality. This final pillar presents an important distinction to many of the initiatives currently being pursued in the clean energy space. 

Asia Pacific Assembly Takeaways

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Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the global energy sector. Several factors including robust economic progress and demographic  advancement have led to incredible growth over the last few years, with expectations of continued high demand in the short-, medium- and long-term. China has been the main market of energy growth. Across Asia the electrification of the region’s rural population will be the main driver for energy demand.

Melody Meyer, Non-Executive Director, BP

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I was born in an oil camp in North Dakota and my father was a Petroleum Engineer, so I was literally raised learning about the industry. I attended my first OTC when I was 13 years old.

Kevin Kynoch, Managing Director – Energy Group, ATB Financial

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In the current state of affairs, we simply can not do enough to promote the positive factors associated with our industry. I believe that we must continue to encourage discussions, at every level, that put Canada’s long term economic interests ahead of regional political interests.

Five Things we Learned from Mexico Power Day

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Mexico Power Day is the Clean Energy stream of the Mexico Energy Assembly. It gives access to off-record insights in an exclusive C-Level environment, with no press and no sales pitches. Find out what we learned.

Expert Insight, Patrick Pouyanné, Chief Executive Officer, Total

Expert Insight

In 2019, we expect more than 9% in production growth, thanks to the ramp-ups of large projects like Kaombo or Egina plus some start-ups in Brazil, UK and Norway. But we can also expect a volatile Oil & Gas environment! This is why we will maintain financial discipline and pressure on cost reduction to further reduce our break even so as to remain profitable whatever the oil price and be able to invest in the company for the future..